Welcome to Wellspring. We are a boutique advertising agency specializing in identifying and executing strategic marketing programs that will get results for your business, in your category, across your market. Our customers expect upper-deck strategy, world-class creative and the ability to scale management from targeted initiatives to complex campaigns on multiple platforms.

We are Wellspring. And we take your message to the next level.



Stephan Perrault
Founder and Principal

I’m Stephan. Following a successful career in ad writing, creative management and media production, I founded Wellspring Creative Communications in 2001 in response to a demand for my consulting services. After several years as a consultant, I decided to build my brand into a full-service agency — one that works with some of the best artists, designers, multimedia specialists and strategists you’ll ever find in marketing. Wellspring is successful because we bring together a collective of extremely passionate people who are committed to achieving our clients’ goals. While we sometimes use our expertise in unconventional ways, we always work hard for the benefit of our clients. And their results speak for us.

Kimberly Lescelius
Marketing Strategist and Account Executive

I’m Kimberly. I believe that breakthroughs happen when we step outside our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. I’ve also found that sharing authentic stories and experiences allow us to develop, nurture and build lasting relationships.

I am a creative and detail-oriented person who thrives on collaborating with people to accomplish a common goal: to deliver a message effectively and accurately across any media.

As a producer and manager of many projects over the years, the greatest privilege has been producing two great kids (with the help of many on the crew in life). As a professional, I am most passionate about the work we do at Wellspring and am honored to be a member of a team that strives to create work product of the highest level.

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