Welcome to Wellspring. We are a boutique advertising agency specializing in identifying and executing strategic marketing programs that will get results for your business, in your category, across your market. Our customers expect upper-deck strategy, world-class creative and the ability to scale management from targeted initiatives to complex campaigns on multiple platforms.

We are Wellspring. And we take your message to the next level.



Stephan Perrault
Founder and Principal

I’m Stephan. Following a successful career in ad writing, creative management and media production, I founded
Wellspring Creative Communications in 2001 in response to a demand for my consulting services. After several
years as a consultant, I decided to build my brand into a full-service agency — one that works with some of the
best artists, designers, multimedia specialists and strategists you’ll ever find in marketing both as staff members
and contract partners. Wellspring is successful because we bring together a collective of extremely passionate
people who are committed to achieving our clients’ goals. While we sometimes use our expertise in
unconventional ways, we always work hard for the benefit of our clients. And their results speak for us.



 Jody Ireland
Account Manager

I’m Jody. As an account manager, my job is to coordinate with both internal and external partners
and grow our clients’ businesses. To accomplish that, I believe that every task worth completing is
worth doing right; and I continue working until the job is finished. Strategic planning and
maintaining open lines of communication are essential parts of my day at Wellspring. I enjoy
building and working with this team and capitalizing on each other’s strengths for the best
possible service to our clients.





Kim Marion
Account Manager

I’m Kim. I enjoy working with people to accomplish their goals. That attribute alone is
why my transition from an English teacher to an accounts manager has been a tremendous
experience with Wellspring. Attention to detail and striving for excellence are essential for me
working with any client. With the amazing Wellspring team, we work to tailor marketing
strategies to clients’ needs and are solution based. To be a part of the outstanding team
at Wellspring leads to invaluable experiences and opportunities.





Kelly Guhl
Sr. Graphic Designer

I’m Kelly. With my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, I love using my skills as a designer to be
a creative problem solver. Every day I get the chance to make something better, and to develop visual
solutions that tell the stories our clients have to share. I love what I do – from the digital world of
websites to the physical world of print and all the elements in-between.





Andres Lerma
Production Assistant

I’m Andres. I am a Marketing major at Aurora University. At Wellspring, I work on optimizing
clients web presence, updating proles, managing locations and making sure information is
correct and consistent across all channels. Another part of my responsibilities here at
Wellspring is to Identify new opportunities and analyze web metrics. Establishing a web
presence for clients allows me to use what I am learning in the real classroom and apply it to
real world clients and businesses.




Interning at Wellspring while going to college is a great way to transfer what you are learning in the classroom to the real world. You will get to assist with projects and tasks alongside the different team members and their specialties. With such a diverse client base, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities here at Wellspring! We love the chance to work with new students every semester who are just as excited about marketing as we are!

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